3 Reasons why Keywords and Blogging go Hand in Hand

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Do we really need to include keywords in our blogs? This is a question we get asked very often as digital marketing resellers. A lot of companies come to SEO Resellers USA to outsource their copywriting, or when they’re looking for offshore copywriting that’s more affordable than they can find State-side. It seems that while companies understand that they need to use keywords, few can actually recall why keywords are important or how they should be used in long-form copy, as you find in blogs.

Keyword research has become part and parcel of online digital marketing and keyword tools are readily available to take the guesswork out of things. It’s always good to brush up on your understanding of the value of keywords outside of paid campaigns in long-form copy. After all, if you are using wholesale SEO services, it helps to know exactly what your clients are getting out of it. We’ve compiled a few points that you should understand in order to know why keywords in blogging matter:

  • Blogs can use long-tail keywords or keyword phrases

When someone conducts an online search they start with one or two very broad words and then narrow down their search based on their results. On the other hand, when a person uses a long tail keyword – a specific set of three words or more – they are looking for something specific and browsing with the intent of making a purchase. Blogs are excellent vehicles for long-tail keywords, and research shows that the more words there are in a search term, the higher the conversion rate.

  • Blogs use images, and images use Alt-tags

In addition to providing a block of text that can contain keywords, blog articles also allow for the use of images, which have alternative text. These alternative text opportunities appear in the HTML of a blog post as Alt-tags and are picked up and noted by search engines. This comes in handy when a person conducts an image search and your blog image appears in the results.

  • Keywords help readers to scan blogs

Less than a fifth of us read articles word for word. This could be because we want to get to the point or because we plan on bookmarking it for reading later. Keywords are handy ways for readers to get the gist of an article, and how it offers them a solution to their needs. Also, consider the fact that research has shown time and time again that the vast majority of the under-25 market do not trust traditional advertising. A well-placed keyword in a blog article might be able to reach this audience without alienating them through a hard sales push.

Used correctly, keywords can take your blogging from filling up space to being a valuable tool. The best part is that copywriting and blogging fit so naturally, with existing private label SEO services you already use (such as social media reselling and wholesale web design) as it positively benefits both areas. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince your clients of its value.

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