4 Benefits Of Cloud Storage For The Digital Marketing Industry

The digital marketing industry is in a constant state of evolution. Ten years ago, you
would find a lot more paperwork in an agency filing cabinet or document vault. Today, the most
important and sensitive information can be stored electronically in virtual filing cabinets, as it
were. These virtual cabinets are what we call cloud storage. Most smartphone users have at
least one cloud storage app installed, and it comes in handy for accessing documents and files
from anywhere. But what does the transition from a paper-based operation to cloud storage
mean for digital marketers? Let’s chat about it.

Benefit #1 – Access To All Your Files At The Click Of A Button, From Anywhere

If you’ve ever received a warning that your local disk was running out of storage or had to delay
a presentation because you forgot your external hard drive, you’ll know how frustrating it can be.
However, with cloud storage, there’s no need for experiences such as this. The information you
store stays in the cloud until you need it, so both you and your device aren’t negatively affected.
No matter where you are in the world, as long as you have internet access and the correct login
details, you can find what you’re looking for.

Benefit #2 – Real-Time Changes Made To Shared Documents

Easy file sharing also simplifies the delivery chain because it eliminates the need to send emails
with every change made. Everyone involved in a digital marketing project can share feedback
and make the necessary changes as they arise. This saves time and fosters a more efficient
way of working.

Benefit #3 – The Opportunity To Develop Water-Tight Processes

Every digital marketing agency wants to improve the quality of its output, turnaround time, and
level of service delivery. As mentioned above, cloud storage enables faster development of
better quality digital marketing content. This means you can promise your clients consistent

Benefit #4 – A Secure Way To Store Data & Files

Not only do cloud storage apps have safety features, but so do the devices that they are
installed on. This means there are many security checks to bypass before files and data are
accessed, more checks mean more obstacles in the way of hackers.

Never before have agencies and digital marketers had to manage such high volumes of data
and information. As the capacity for remote storage and access grows, so does the need to
make the move from mountains of paperwork to much more efficient cloud computing. The
result? Your digital marketing business becomes more productive, efficient, and sustainable.

Now that you’ve sorted that part of your digital business out, need any help from a reputable
white label digital marketing service provider? Get in touch and let’s chat. Our White Label Web Design Team can help you.

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