AI Tools For Your Social Media Strategy

These days, it’s rare to find someone who isn’t active on at least one social media platform. With most of the world at least somewhat active on social media, these platforms have become essential tools for any digital agency looking to reach new audiences for their clients’ marketing strategies. Social media is vital to any digital marketing strategy. Digital agencies are frequently looking for new ways to leverage it or use it in a better way. As an expert digital marketing reseller, SEO Resellers USA recognizes that Artificial Intelligence (or AI) could be just what any digital agency needs to boost social media engagement and revenue for their clients.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to a range of technologies that, at a basic level, teach machines how to hear, move, speak and even write in a way that mimics human capabilities. From algorithms that interpret speech for smartphone assistants like Siri and Bixby to the algorithm that looks at your viewing history and makes recommendations for new content on NetFlix or YouTube, AI capabilities are endless.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Relevant To Social Media?

AI is becoming prevalent in just about every part of everyday life, social media included. Almost all social media platforms use AI in some way for various purposes, including:

  • Friend suggestions on Facebook
  • Job recommendations on LinkedIn
  • Facial recognition technology for Snapchat/Instagram/TikTok interactive filters
  • Facial recognition for photos posted on Facebook, suggesting friends to tag in pictures
  • TikTok’s algorithm analyzes the types of videos users have interacted with and enjoyed to curate a For You Page full of content the platform thinks users will most enjoy

With AI, the benefits go both ways. While platforms can use AI to improve their user experience, digital marketers can make use of AI to improve their social media marketing strategies. Using AI in social media strategies can help marketers decrease costs while increasing revenue. 

  • Decrease Costs: AI often automates parts of the social media marketing process, freeing up time for other tasks. AI can also regulate ad spending, preventing marketers from going over budget. 
  • Increase Revenue: AI can help create more effective social media strategies, from determining the best posts to type to helping choose the right ads to invest in.

What AI Tools Are Available To Improve Social Media Strategies?

There’s no shortage of AI tools available to digital agencies:

  1. AI-Writer
    AI-Writer can produce entire blog entries with only a headline. The content won’t be perfect and will need some human tweaks, but it’s a great time saver for digital agencies that need to produce large quantities of content for various clients.
  2. Atomic Reach
    Atomic Reach uses business analytics to help convert content into sales. It helps with SEO from an ROI perspective, offering improvements for content by detecting what drives conversions.
  3. Unscreen
    For digital agencies that produce video content, Unscreen is a must. Unscreen uses AI to completely remove the background from any video without the use of any complicated editing tools. Once the video is background-free, it can be layered over a new static or video wallpaper.

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