Amazon’s New Video Ad Rollout

Amazon is one of the world’s most successful marketing machines, and it competes constantly to offer marketers and white-label digital marketing agencies more powerful marketing tools.

Its latest offering is the addition of video advertising to its self-service Sponsored Display program. This empowers outsourcing digital marketing agencies and the best website development companies of all sizes to access powerful video and streaming media.

The product is part of a bigger update and, simultaneously, public beta access for Amazon’s Video Builder (templates) is being broadened. 

The Power of Video Content

Marketing research studies indicate that nearly 75% of consumers find video ads preferable to other formats. Another interesting statistic showed that nearly 90% of these same consumers confirmed that video ads had persuaded them to purchase products or services.

Making Amazon’s Video Ads Accessible

Amazon is striving to make its video Ads accessible to small agencies as well as big agencies, so in addition to broadening access, it has also simplified the video ads process with a comprehensive set of solutions.

This makes it very attractive for marketing agencies that use the best white-label reseller programs, outsourced content creation, outsourced digital marketing services, and white-label digital marketing agencies and the best website development companies.

The simpler solution facilitates the delivery of exciting, creative work with a broader reach to relevant audiences in addition to popular content. The video content will increase viewer engagement, improve brand experiences and optimize their marketing campaigns. 

How To Use Video Marketing On Amazon For Clients

With this exciting new accessibility, you will most likely want to get rolling with those video ads. Our international video ads team has the following tips for our agency clients.


A clear selling point drives sales. Distill the following crucial points about your product:

  • What information will the consumer find important?
  • What value add is there for the consumer?
  • What is the product’s USP?
  • How is your company addressing the consumer’s needs?

Goal & Audience

Limit your Sponsored Brands video to only the crucial product information and be 100% clear on your goal and audience before starting. Limit your video to 15 to 30 seconds.

Goal – Brand Awareness: Focus on developing emotional connections.

Goal – Purchase: Focus on the USP & value add to the consumer.

Know your audience thoroughly and customize your message well. Educate, demonstrate and tell a story.


Your storytelling should draw consumers in and persuade them to buy. 

Educate: Focus on the USP, not specifications. 

Value add: Demonstrate the value add the consumer will experience.

Uniqueness: Show the uniqueness of your brand and product.

Inspire: Connect emotionally to stand out.

Allure: Use exquisitely styled product images in your videos.

If this information makes you feel out of your depth, outsource your content creation to us. By partnering with SEO Resellers USA, your digital agency will have access to the best white label reseller programs and services to deliver creative sponsored brands video ads for your clients to engage Amazon customers. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you! 


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