Boost Landing Page Conversions With The Inclusion of a Video

If you’ve created a landing page for a client, you’ll already have ensured the basics are in order such as a speedy loading time, optimising the page for mobile and creating clear calls to action.

Now video has joined the team, and online advertising authority Wordstream has found that video increases conversion by over 80%. If your client has a landing page that’s failing to convert, why not try adding a video?

Why video converts

You don’t have to look far on the internet to find statistics that attest to the value of video in marketing. According to Hubspot, over 90% of customers feel that a product video helps them to
make a decision on a potential purchase, with over 60% admitting that they’re more likely to purchase a product from a brand online after seeing a video about it.

In short, low-cost videos demonstrating a product or service in action brings your client’s brands to life in a way that other mediums just can’t. Adding one to your landing page is the next, natural step.

Optimising your landing page for video success

Creating a video for a landing page is simple. It’s often when it’s added to the landing page that problems can occur. There are several things you must consider before its addition to optimising both elements for success.

You will need to choose a hosting option that works for your client – it can either be embedded from YouTube (a good option if there are more videos on the channel for customers to watch) or through
an on-page player.

The page must be designed to keep the call to action (such as a form or button) separate, clear and as a natural progression from the video – which should appear above the fold. You can also select
the static thumbnail image that will appear when someone lands on the page, so choose wisely. You could create or select different ones if you have different landing pages for different customers.

Avoid making your video autoplay without consent and ensure player controls are clear. A video that is too loud or that cannot be easily stopped will likely drive customers away within seconds.

Most landing pages rely on testing to ensure things like the best possible colour, placement and copy is used. Complete this final step to create video landing pages that convert. Join our White Label CRO Reseller Program to start selling CRO to your clients. You can also resell Video Editing Services using our White Label Graphic Design Reseller Program. You can also offer Conversion Focused Landing Pages using our White Label Landing Page Design & Development Services.


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