How And Why A Client Experience Mindset Is One Of Our Goals For 2018

If there is any area in a business (Digital Marketing or otherwise) that could always do with improvement, then improving the experience a customer or client has would be at the top of the list. It’s for this reason that SEO Resellers USA chose October to fly key members of its team to Dubai for an intense training session – to focus on a better ‘Client Experience Mindset’ than ever before, in preparation for 2018.

The training focused on many parts of the customer service experience that our offshore team deals with on a daily basis when supporting clients of SEO Resellers USA. The objectives were to have every team leader in attendance walked out of the session with a better knowledge of how to provide a better all-around experience for clients with even the most junior member of the team taking personal responsibility.

Anyone who has ever dealt with bad customer service will understand the pain that comes from having your request bounced from person to person and having nobody take ownership. The training was aimed at ensuring that no client of SEO Resellers USA will ever experience this frustration.


As part of the improved service delivery that clients can look forward to in 2018, a heightened sense of personal accountability will feature heavily, as will an attitude of setting more realistic expectations and understanding the context of each task that assistance is being requested on.

“It’s important that every team member understands that while they might be providing White Label SEO, it will feature in a client’s general digital marketing strategy,” says Social Media Manager Affan Manzoor.

“SEO is needed to make the big picture, and to become better wholesalers to our clients its important that we understand what that bigger picture is and the role that we play informing it.”

Globital CEO Damian Papworth who ran the training had the following to say upon its conclusion:

“I feel more confident than ever that any client of ours in 2018 will be supported from start to finish. I now know that even if a mistake does occur, that our team will take personal responsibility for it and do everything in their power to keep clients happy and rectify the situation.”

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