Create And Trust Your Client’s Instagram Content Plan

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in Australia and around the world. With its mobile-friendly and visually-rich format, it has allowed family and friends to keep up with each other and also brands to advertise their products and services to their target audience. To attract as much traffic as possible though, content has become one of the key elements in this step. So it makes sense to spend some time working out a content plan for each of your client’s Instagram strategies, doesn’t it? 

We’ve got you covered. Below are some tips that can help you when creating a content plan for your clients that will help you not only draw a larger audience but also reap the most results from the efforts you’re making. 

Plan Your Content Feed.

With about 28 million posts per month going live from various brands, Instagram can be a rather busy social network, so how does one brand keep up with it all? The best way is to plan the Instagram feed about three weeks ahead of time. Not only will planning like this help you avoid scrambling at the last minute, but it will also ensure that you are creating content consistently. Consistency is key when attracting an audience to a brand. Nobody trusts a brand that is unreliable or unpredictable.  Some of the most obvious and easy ways to keep content consistent is by developing and sticking to a brand image, design language and editing style and then by being creative around themes weekly or monthly. 

Keep Your Hashtags Relevant

One of the best methods to make sure your client’s audience finds their content at the perfect time to make the most impact is to use relevant and precise hashtags. We know you’re already wondering how many to use, so the answer is: around five (recommended). Limiting the number of hashtags you use will ensure the post does not look like spam and get ignored. There are tools available to help you research the hashtags before adding them to your client’s post. These tools are extremely handy when dealing with a range of clients from various industries. Hashtags such as trending hashtags, general hashtags and niche-specific hashtags can boost your client’s content and give it a chance of becoming viral on Instagram.

Timing Is Everything

It does not help to post compelling content, only for it to reach a limited amount of the right people. The perfect time to post content is when the target audience is online, and it is recommended that the best day to post is a Wednesday. The worst day to post is a Sunday while the best time to post is at 11 am on Wednesday and from 10 am to 11 am on Friday. But this is not a consistent recommendation as these days and times are also dependent on your target audience, their age group and location. Audiences in Australia will have slightly different online experiences than those from Canada. 

Measure Your Results

Measure how well each of the content pieces you have posted has performed. It will guide you on how to improve content, hashtags and timing. So, keep an eye on the comments, the engagement rate, reach and purchases. Just like any other digital marketing strategy, let the analytics guide you where to go next. 

These are just four points that can help you create content for Instagram and optimize it when trying to promote your client’s business and build an image for them that can reach a wider audience. If your digital agency is struggling to fit it all into one workday, there is help out there. Join our White Label Social Media Management and Marketing Reseller Program now. Outsource Instagram Management to our experts. Wholesale Digital Marketing for your clients.


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