Don’t Let Them Slip Away! Tips To Boost Your Client’s Landing Page Conversion Rates

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Are you a digital agency that helps clients with the creation of landing pages? Then you’ve probably experienced what it’s like to work hard to get customers to visit a page, only to have them leave without completing the required action. Thankfully there are ways you can change these outcomes using tried and tested practices that have been proven to boost conversion rates. Here are a few worth considering.

  1. Let them know exactly what you need them to do.

One of the simplest ways you can boost a landing page’s conversion rate is by ensuring it has a single, unambiguous and irresistible call to action. This CTA should be obvious and easy to identify, even if the page is being skim read. It should also be specific in what the customer can expect to happen once they take the action. For example, instead of saying ‘click here’ it should say “click here for 20% off your first product order”.

  1. Offer them something they’ll actually want.

Is your landing page’s offer enticing, relevant to customers’ needs and something they can actually use? It’s not enough to simply offer something for free or that isn’t suited to your target market. Customers will pick up on this very quickly and they won’t hesitate to find another online business that offers what they need. If your client’s business offers financial advice and management services you could offer a free e-book, while a catering company might have more success offering a reduced rate on summer bookings.

  1. Make them feel like they’ll miss out

Urgency and scarcity are essential in a landing page as you ideally want a customer to take action then and there. If a client lands on a page and knows they can return to it at any time later, this can put them off from acting and even cause them to forget about doing it altogether. Offering a limited amount of your client’s product or service offering or making the offer time-limited will ensure a speedy response from customers.

With a few simple tweaks, you can transform your client’s poorly performing landing page into one that rakes in results. Often, it’s just a matter of putting yourself in the shoes of your client and visiting the page objectively to see what the experience is like. Your reaction will likely be their reaction. Don’t hide from it. Fix it.

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