How can you prepare for Google’s page experience update?

The Google Page Experience update is set to come into action in June 2021, as announced recently by the search engine icons. As one of the most used and most influential platforms in today’s world, Google plays a massive role in the daily online interactions of much of the world today. Their changes can often directly impact almost every other business across the globe that would use online resources. Having apparently implemented the needed adjustments, the update will take user experience into consideration as an integral metric for ranking in search results, as well as another few elements to become more prioritized.

What Is This Metric?

Made up of several important existing metrics that take charge within the search and ranking design already, including the Mobile-friendly update, Page Speed Update, the HTTPS ranking boost, the intrusive interstitials penalty, safe browsing penalty, while refining metrics around speed and usability. These elements make up some of the most data-rich areas of investigation and are under a vitals list and are arguably the most important factors when regarding the performance on result pages and with online audiences. Compiled together, these metrics all work together to illustrate the overall experience a user has had, and how likely they are to return, or what in fact they found valuable. 

How To Prepare For The Change? 

The best way to prepare is to study the overall performance and metrics within the Core Web Vitals report in Search Console. Getting a sense of how your site is performing in these areas will show you many ways to improve before now, before everyone is scrambling to make live adjustments. The more data-driven analytical elements are available with the update, however, there are plenty of ways to improve these metrics as it stands today. Outsource Web Design for loading speed optimization for your clients.

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