How Facebook’s Decision To Structure Main Feed Around Video Content Could Affect Your Digital Agency’s Clients

Recently, an internal memo from Facebook surfaced, alerting the public to Facebook’s near-future intentions to restructure their app’s main news feed to prioritize promoting video content. According to the memo, Facebook’s team intends to turn the feed into a ‘discovery engine.’ At SEO Resellers USA, we work with digital agencies that outsource social media management for their clients, giving us an inside look at what this decision could mean for digital agencies as well as their clients.

Facebook’s Intention To Build The Discovery Engine

The memo largely discusses the concept of restructuring Facebook and turning it into a ‘discovery engine’ That is to say, it seems that the long-term strategy digital agencies will see from Facebook is that it will become a place where users find, enjoy and create content. Facebook intends to build products that ensure users have every opportunity to discover their voices and find their place in Facebook’s diverse community. According to the memo, steps to be taken include: 

  • Prioritizing making a success of Reels
  • The building of recommendations technology that is world-class
  • Unlocking sharing that is messaging-based.

Throughout the memo, it’s clear that the term ‘discovery engine’ is something of a buzzword when it comes to Facebook’s long-term plans and goals. We can draw the conclusion that Facebook intends to gear the platform towards recommending more content to users from accounts they aren’t already connected to, radically different from the previous approach of prioritizing displaying content shared by a Facebook user’s friends. 

How Will This Affect The Facebook Experience?

Without a definitive announcement, it’s difficult to say precisely what the Facebook experience will be. According to Facebook’s Tom Alison, the main feed could consist of the main tab that will become a mix of both Reels and Stories at the top. Following these posts that are recommended from across Instagram and Facebook. Alison suggests that Facebook will transition and become a more visual experience with videos and clearer prompts to share posts directly with friends through messages.

What Does This Mean For Digital Agencies?

This could mean that digital agencies will soon need to make a significant shift in how they approach Facebook as a component of their clients’ digital marketing campaigns. It may become necessary to take a similar approach as one you would take to a TikTok or Reels marketing campaign, both known for their ‘recommended’ and ‘discover’ sections and features. Without a concrete, official announcement from Facebook or Meta, however, digital agencies will be unable to come up with a concrete plan for the future. That said, the memo certainly gives us some important points to start thinking about. You should also be prepared to start shifting your clients’ digital marketing campaign strategies. 

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