Improve Reach And Discoverability For Your Clients With Facebook’s Feed Changes

Is your digital agency looking for new ways to enhance your clients’ discovery and reach? Facebook’s upcoming home feed changes could make those goals significantly easier for content creators and business pages. The social media giant remains one of the most widely used platforms in the world, with more than 2.89 billion monthly active users as of July 2022.

What Changes Will Facebook Make To Its Feed?

The notable changes users will see to the feed is that it will be divided into two tabs, namely the Home tab and the Feed tab. Each tab will be designed to show different types of content to users. The Home tab will be the first tab users see when opening up Facebook and will consist of curated content that Facebook’s algorithms have chosen specifically for each user. The Feed tab will be filled with content the user has chosen to see, like posts from friends and family, pages they have liked, or groups they have joined. The content has been separated to make it easier for users to access the content they will most enjoy.

The Discovery Engine

In recent correspondence, the head of Facebook’s app, Tom Alison, discussed plans to redefine Facebook as a “discovery engine.” This speaks to Facebook’s intention to turn the platform into the go-to place people visit when looking for reliable recommendations for content they will enjoy. Splitting the home feed into two feeds into this concept by making major changes to the Facebook experience people are used to. Where users would be accustomed to opening up Facebook and finding their feed filled with posts from their friends, groups they belong to, or pages they have liked, they may now find a feed filled with content curated just for them, potentially from pages they have never visited or engaged with previously. The Home tab is designed with the idea that users will have a reliable place to discover new content based on complex AI and thousands of signals to rank content in the best way for each user. 

How Will These Changes Improve Reach And Discoverability For Your Clients?

The focus on turning Facebook into a place for users to discover new content and experiences opens the world of Facebook marketing significantly. While Facebook has yet to clearly define how marketers can make the most out of the updates, it’s safe to assume that the update will bring all-new ways to be discovered by new customers.

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