Instagram To Launch New Features In Reels Update

Is your digital agency using Reels effectively as part of your clients’ social media marketing? New features included in July’s Reels updates will make it even easier to reach target audience and significantly boost their engagement and views.

Instagram Reels: A Key Component To Social Media Marketing

Instagram has been a prominent feature in social media marketing for some time now. Many digital agencies and marketing professionals have found the platform useful for reaching a specific audience while helping them create a more accessible, relatable brand persona for their clients, as customers can interact with them directly.

Launched in August 2020, Reels was initially thought of as another feature under the Instagram umbrella, such as Stories or IGTV but has steadily made a name for itself as a standalone success.

As of 2022, there is the potential for up to 675.3 million users to be reached with ads on Instagram reels. With the newest additions and updates to Reels, your digital agency has even more opportunities to market your clients to their customers effectively.

Updates To Instagram Reels

According to a recent announcement, Reels will offer all new ways to collaborate and create. Instagram has expanded the tools and features available on Reels to enhance the creation process:

  • Expanded Tools For Remix

New layouts, remixing photos, and the new ability to add recordings after the original clip

  • All New Templates

A new Dual template allows both the front and the back camera to record at the same time

  • Video Posts Can Be Converted To Reels Automatically 

Video posts that are shorter than 15 minutes are converted into Reels by Instagram

  • Boosted Reels As Ads 

Qualifying Reels can be turned into ads and boosted to reach new viewers and increase engagement

Instagram Reels And Your Digital Agency

The latest additions to Reels allow your digital agency to implement even more effective social media marketing strategies for your clients. In particular, the new ability to boost your clients’ Reels as ads is sure to yield fast results when it comes to views and engagement for your clients. Keep the following in mind when looking to boost a reel for your clients:


  • For a Reel to be boosted, the content must be completely original 
  • Only Reels less than 60 seconds can be boosted
  • You can only boost a reel recorded in the vertical (9:16) aspect ratio


After publishing the Reel, boosting it is as simple as viewing the content and tapping “Boost Reel”; the content will appear in the main feed, Stories, Reels tab, and Explore page. Your digital agency will even have access to engagement insights that are exclusively available to advertisements.

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