It’s Official: A Broad Core Algorithm Update From Google Is Rolling Out

Technology juggernaut, Google, can always be relied upon to bring regular updates to its platform. On 25 May, Google began rolling out a new broad core algorithm update, aptly named the “May 2022 core update”. This update means big things to Google users, developers, and digital agencies alike. As a top-tier SEO reseller agency, SEO Resellers USA is here to break down what the May 2022 core update entails and what it means for your digital agency.

What Is The May 2022 Core Update?

Google is known for its primary objective of ensuring that all search results are as relevant to users as possible. With the understanding that the nature of the internet is anything but stagnant, Google keeps its finger on the pulse of the web and its consistent changes and is sure to adapt. When Google launches a core update, they are typically designed to help ensure that search results are even more relevant to its users. The May 2022 core update is no different, designed to make sure that the overall relevancy of Google’s search results increases to make them more useful to users.

What Changes Will The May 2022 Core Update Bring?

As a broad update, significant changes to the algorithm and how it decides what content is useful or relevant should be expected. As such, it’s not unlikely for digital agencies to see massive boosts or falls when it comes to their client’s search rankings. As a board update, there isn’t a specific target for these changes. They are an overall improvement to Google’s systems. It’s important to keep in mind that a drop in rankings doesn’t necessarily mean your clients’ websites are being penalized. They have simply been reassessed against web content that has been published since the last update, and focusing on new, relevant content is the best way to recover.

What Should Digital Agencies Be Doing?

From 25 May 2022, the core update was launched to roll out over the following two weeks. With changes to the algorithm and how it recognizes relevant content, digital agencies will need to keep a close eye on their rankings to see whether they improve or decline. It is entirely possible that search rankings will drastically spike or drop, depending on how they fit in with the new algorithm. It may be necessary for digital agencies to make adjustments to their clients’ content and websites and even make some changes to their SEO service offerings and what those services entail.

Keeping up with Google and its algorithm updates is essential for any digital agency looking to offer high-quality SEO services. Without a thorough understanding of the algorithm and how it ranks content, it’s simply not possible to create SEO-friendly content for your clients. 

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