Logical Benefits 101: How to Seal the Deal When Your Client’s Customer Is Having Doubts

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There are many facets to securing a sale using digital marketing content. After going through all the steps to reach the check-out section, there’s usually a waft of doubt that sneaks up on consumers. At this point, they’ll either make the purchase, abandon the cart, or put it aside for “later” (which turns into “never” all too often). This is because, until this point, the likelihood is that the consumer had mainly considered the emotional benefits of buying.

When it’s time to pay up, reason kicks in, and the potential client asks themselves questions like, “Do I really need this?” and “Can I even afford to pay for it?”. These are valid questions that any reasonable person should ask. 

As the person writing website copy, you should be able to persuade in favour of a sale by preempting these last-minute questions. Put the answers there – in just the right place – before they even come up. This is what we call presenting the logical benefits.

Defining Logical Benefits

Everybody wants to be assured that their money is used sensibly. Logical benefits provide this reassurance by vindicating the product or service using facts. You can place them in the body of a piece of digital marketing copy, as an elaboration on why it’s a good idea to make the purchase. Logical benefits include factors such as:

  • Value for money

Juxtapose the money being spent with the amount that the client gets from the offering. For example: “Pay only  $200 for a vacuum cleaner once-off and save thousands on cleaning service costs”. This demonstrates obvious value for money.

  • A solid guarantee to counter any concerning risks

Promise the customer to correct things in case they go wrong (and follow-through). Whether it’s a factory fault in a cellphone or a slip-up in a building service, consumers want to feel protected in the face of risks.

  • The numbers – outcomes that can be measured

Monitor the results of the offering and turn them into numbers. Statistics are a great way to turn features into benefits.

Don’t let the digital nature of the selling platform make you forget that your client’s customers are human first. Appeal to both their emotions and logic in your copy. You don’t necessarily have to get too salesy – just show the potential customer that the product or service can bring value into their life. This way, they feel secure about the decision to buy-in. 

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