Marketing for Agencies Made Simple – Part 1: Email Marketing

Wholesale Email Marketing

Email marketing has come a long, long way from being the vehicle for spam that it was perceived as in the early days of digital marketing. These days email marketing has become much more sophisticated and personalised. As wholesale providers of white label marketing products including the provision of email marketing, Globital USA has watched this evolution occur, and we want to show our current clients what email marketing is and what it can do for their business in 2016.

In its simplest form, email marketing involves communicating with any new or potential customer to inform them of something – preferably with their permission and concerning something relevant to them.

We believe that email marketing can be so much more effective than this and that all it takes is a thorough understanding of what it does and what your business can get out of it. We can summarise this approach with one word – personalisation.

A recent research report based on analysis of close to 10 billion emails across differing industries shows that personalisation increased the average click-through rate by between 250% and 500%. This research also found that click-through rates were significantly higher in response to a triggered email. A triggered email is an email marketing message that is automatically sent when a consumer does or does not do something – for example, if they complete a trial subscription to your service or product, or perhaps sign out of their account with items still in their online shopping cart.

Triggered and personalised emails allow you to cater to each customer, based on a particular activity. It makes what is a sale-driven email feel more like a personalised one from a colleague or friend. The more personal the email, the more likely your customer (or potential customer) is to feel like you are making an effort to understand their behaviours, needs and wants – all important things when you want to build a long-term, mutually beneficial marketing relationship.

An excellent example of this in action is a triggered email sent by a leading children’s toy manufacturer to its customer base of new parents on their first child’s first birthday. The email congratulates ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ on surviving a year of parenthood, recapping the developmental milestones their child would have gone through and will be passing soon. The email then directs them towards the company Facebook page to receive ‘playtime ideas and parenting tips’ or to their online store to commemorate the event with an educational gift purchase. Here, they’ve taken the wholesale email marketing product (an impersonal randomly sent an email about the company) and tailored it to the target market, moving their previously transactional encounter to a more relationship-based one.

By integrating a smart email marketing campaign into your existing online efforts, you can build relationships with new and existing clients while encouraging leads and sales. And as the interaction occurs entirely online, tracking what results are coming from your email campaigns is easy, assuming you have the right platforms to manage it.

At Globital USA we help businesses like yours get the best out of their email marketing campaigns – from conception to reporting – and in a way that integrates neatly into your current work. If you think your email marketing could do with some improvements, or you’ve just never thought of trying it, then contact us today to discuss how we can help you through our White Label Email Marketing Program.

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