Mastering White Label PPC: 2023 Trends Your Agency Can Implement Now

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is crucial to any successful marketing strategy. Due to its growing demand, white label PPC is growing alongside it with platform algorithms evolving just as quickly. With an expected $190.5 billion to be spent on search advertising globally in 2024, the significance of prioritizing PPC in your agency’s marketing strategies cannot be overstated.

Staying abreast of new developments and utilizing them to benefit your clients is the key to harnessing new growth opportunities for your agency and becoming a go-to for this service. But mastering every new trend and algorithmic shift can be challenging.

That’s why many digital agencies opt to outsource white label PPC agency services. These digital resource partners provide expertise and tools to enable agencies to offer top-notch PPC management to clients without needing to develop those skills in-house. 

This article will highlight several noteworthy PPC management trends of 2023 to help you discover if it’s time to leverage the assistance of reliable white label PPC agency services.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing White Label PPC Services

Why should digital agencies give outsourcing white label PPC services a shot, you ask? 

As an agency owner, you may be skeptical of whether or not your agency really needs additional assistance when it comes to your clients’ PPC campaigns. Let’s shift the dial for a moment. 

We know that running a successful agency these days is incredibly challenging for numerous reasons. Agency owners are responsible for attracting clients, delivering numerous top-notch digital services, and nurturing those clients while working to grow and scale a successful business themselves.

With white label PPC services, digital agencies can access expert assistance without the burden of hiring and training an in-house team – a costly and timely process. Instead of sacrificing resources to gain the expertise that an external specialist team already has, agencies can leverage their knowledge right away.

Another benefit is that these dedicated teams remain ahead of trends in PPC marketing, continuously researching, putting strategies to the test, and discovering what works. Leveraging white label PPC experts enables digital agencies to expand their offerings and scale while easily scaling the team up or down based on client needs.white label PPC

1. AI & AI-Powered Campaign Automation Tools

This year, we have seen a major uptick in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation tools and their impact on the way agencies manage PPC campaigns. These cutting-edge tools enable precision, efficiency, and much hoped-for predictability among marketers in the volatile digital marketing scope.

Studies conducted in 2023 show that businesses may experience a 451% increase in qualified leads when using automation software. This increase comes down to AI’s capabilities to make real-time adjustments, streamline processes, and run faster tests based on accurate and swift data analysis. 

Additionally, 84% of surveyed marketers have used marketing automation to achieve their top priorities, proving that the technology works wonders for marketers seeking to optimize PPC management for their clients.

While PPC automation strategies can improve accuracy in targeting and higher ROI, monitoring platform updates closely is crucial, which may be daunting when juggling numerous other tasks. White label PPC agency partners are a viable solution, well-accustomed to advanced PPC management software and AI-powered automation tools, enabling agencies to churn out effective campaigns promptly in alignment with shifting algorithms.

2. Video Ads

Video ads are undeniably stealing the spotlight in the world of white label PPC management agencies. Generally, video content has proven itself as a highly effective method for engaging audiences and improving conversion rates.

A study by Wyzowl demonstrates that 87% of marketers report video marketing has helped them increase sales with 92% saying video gives them a good return on their investment! These statistics prove that consumers prefer video content over any other type, so it’s no surprise that many marketers and white label PPC agency partners prioritize this medium within their PPC strategies.

For example, YouTube offers a unique ad format, such as TrueView, to encourage users to take action as either in-stream or video discovery ads. With TrueView, agencies can choose how they want to present their ads on YouTube, with the power to select how and when they present their videos to the client’s target audience. Additionally, the targeting features eliminate the waste of irrelevant views.

This is just one example of effectively engaging audiences with video ad content; there are many more your agency could leverage. Implementing these methods effectively requires creativity and a sharp strategy, which is where a white label PPC agency partner can lend expertise.

3. The Advent of Smart Bidding

Automation and machine learning are revolutionizing the bidding environment entirely, with smart bidding in Google Ads taking extra steps to streamline the bidding process while offering the best bid value than any existing performance goals.

Smart Bidding is an advanced approach to PPC marketing that falls under the umbrella of automated bidding strategies in Google Ads. It leverages machine learning algorithms to achieve the desired goal by using historical data, such as ad performance across other campaigns and various audience signals, to optimize your client’s campaigns in real-time.

The benefits for agencies are plenty, including maximizing conversions and improving conversion value – tackling both quantity and quality.

4. Going Social

Today, leveraging the immense power of social media is a must, especially in the realm of white-label services. Why? Because it’s where your client’s audience spends a significant portion of their time daily – a wasted opportunity for PPC marketing if ignored. 

Agencies can leverage these channels into their clients’ PPC strategies to create an omnichannel presence that hits all the touchpoints in the customer journey. It’s like throwing multiple fishing lines in different parts of the river – you’re guaranteed to garner better results than relying on only one line.

Because of the volume of PPC management, your white-label PPC partner can assist with developing and managing cross-channel campaigns – from picking suitable platforms based on demographics and user behavior to crafting engaging ad content tailored for each channel.

Connect with your client’s audiences where they are most comfortable – achieve higher engagement and improved conversion rates.

white label PPC

5. Audience Targeting

For successful PPC campaigns in 2023, audience targeting is your best friend. With audience targeting, marketers separate target audience members into various segments based on data. Each ad you create should be served to the audience that will find the most value in the offer to yield the best results on campaigns.

Nowadays, demographic data isn’t enough. Savvy digital marketing experts combine psychographic, geographic, and behavioral data to craft highly targeted campaigns, directly pinpointing each predecided segment.

With advanced tools, white label pay-per-click specialists can segment audiences more effectively than ever before. 

6. The Rise of Voice Search

Voice search is monumental in PPC advertising this year, shifting how users interact with digital devices and online content. More people are using virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa to conduct searches, meaning that digital agencies must shift how they develop campaigns for clients to stay competitive.

Catering to this shift entails adjusting ad copy and ensuring keywords are optimized for natural language, including long-tail keywords, question keywords, and conversational keywords.

Utilizing the support of white-label PPC services and PPC outsourcing is a viable option to streamline this process and deliver the desired results quickly.

7. Visual Search

Instead of typing keywords, many online users can now use images for searching, revolutionizing the way they find products online. A visual search engine sifts through information solely based on a visual display of the search results.

Information could include web pages, location, and numerous document types. This is thanks to AI and machine learning, capable of analyzing image patterns and creating a visual search that coincides.  

How can you make this work? First, work to optimize the client’s product listings and ads for visual search with clear, high-quality photos that accurately represent the product.

You can use Google’s AI-powered image recognition technology as a starting point; it enables discoverability on your clients’ products by matching uploaded images with similar web listings. The process demands expertise and time commitment but is well worth it in the end, ensuring no stone is left unturned with your PPC strategies. If the task is much too much, a white-label PPC agency can alleviate the workload with dedicated teams who understand the nuances of this process.


From AI automation to voice and visual search, there’s no doubt these trends are paving the path of PPC advertising in 2023 and beyond.

Staying on top of the changing PPC trends can be challenging, but white label PPC management services offer invaluable expertise and guidance to steer your agency in the right direction and deliver optimal results to your clients on their campaigns. 

Partnering with a white label agency to enhance campaigns can give you an edge over competitors while sustainably scaling. If you’d like to give these services a whirl, Globital has your back for reliable PPC white label services – starting with a free trial worth $1000 to try these services risk-free. All you need to do is book a quick, free strategy call to help us understand your agency’s unique needs. 

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