New Opportunities For Your Clients With Video Ads, Vlogs, And Online Conferences

With the global pandemic changing marketing strategies and the way business is run, video ads, vlogs, and online conferences are a fast and easy way for Social Media resellers or digital marketing agencies to zoop up their clients’ digital marketing ROI humanize their online presence.

From Tiktok, Instagram, to Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as lead funnels and emailers, video ads, vlogs, and online conferences and events, are the way digital marketing agencies should go. According to Hubspot, “54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands/businesses they support. Further, it’s been predicted that video will account for 70% of all MOBILE traffic by 2021.”

New opportunities are visible in emails, with enhanced video emails personalizing your client’s approach in the inbox and simultaneously building relationships and clarifying messages. Then, with regards to video landing pages, these help your client to build the tone and vibe they’re seeking to invoke and avoid overwhelming copy. Gifs are changing up with the creation of video gifs, which certainly create personalized social replies. Then, when it comes to e-commerce opportunities, product videos are being used to bring products to life like never before – a much better option than a simple product photograph.

According to, “As virtual remote selling becomes more the norm than the exception, people using [social media] for selling are going to have to get over their fears and start adapting to the use of Video for their own benefit.”

New opportunities for digital marketing companies like remarketing. According to, “Video remarketing capabilities have been available on Facebook and YouTube (Google) advertising networks for years. This audience tactic allows businesses to create “video ad funnels” where individuals can be served up a series of videos as ads in a specific order. 

All in all, more story-based video content will be seen, and with it, the creation of a consistent brand experience from video to video. If you want more information or support on vlogs, video ads and online conferencing, and events advertising – as well as new levels of creativity for your client’s business and brand when it comes to video advertising, email

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