New Social Media Additions Digital Agencies Should Embrace

With the rise of social media, digital agencies have needed to become experts at navigating the online landscape in ways that benefit their clients. From posting SEO-friendly, engaging content that audiences are drawn to interact with to staying on top of social media trends and evolving online etiquette, being social media savvy is of utmost importance for marketers. 

On top of knowing which social media platforms are being used by which segments of the market and how to best leverage each platform to help their clients achieve their goals, digital agencies also have the task of keeping on top of new social media platforms and important additions to existing ones. At SEO Resellers USA, our white label digital marketing services mean that we spend a lot of time online helping digital agencies maintain their clients’ social media presences, giving us an inside look at the social media trends all digital agencies need to make an effort to embrace.


Spending any time online will likely expose just about anyone to TikTok. The app allows users to film short videos to post for an audience with hundreds of ways to customize the videos or join in trends. Users can post original videos or create videos with popular songs or other sounds as a backdrop. Text, AR filters, and various filming options make the app extremely versatile and fun to use. TikTok is enjoyed by all kinds of people, from the everyday Joe to A-List celebrities passing their time scrolling through their phones. Brands can take advantage of the platform’s advertising capabilities or create original content to start trends or challenges that encourage users to interact and spread brand awareness. However, a digital agency chooses to use the app for clients. It’s a great platform to reach and engage with their audiences. 


Clubhouse is a social media platform that largely focuses on live audio content that audiences can interact with. Clubhouse is comparable to a live podcast where listeners can interact and talk back in real-time. There is a huge opportunity for digital agencies to connect their clients with their audiences in a multitude of ways, from informal focus groups about a new product to exclusive chat sessions about an exciting upcoming release. 

Caffeine was created by former Apple designers as a platform for users to broadcast live to their followers and friends. Comparable to Twitch, Caffeine’s broadcasts feature a comments section for audiences to interact and has recently launched a monetization program for engaging broadcasters. Marketers can leverage Caffeine for their clients in a number of ways, like sharing behind-the-scenes content or starting engaging meet-and-greet panels with industry professionals.


While Discord isn’t a new platform (launched in 2015), it has previously mainly been used by people in the gaming community. Today, Discord is a popular chat app operating on servers that function as community groups facilitating text, video, and audio chatting. In terms of creating brand loyalty and a sense of community amongst a brand’s audience, Discord is certainly the platform to use.

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