Our Recommendations Of Social Media Marketing Solutions For Boosting Agency Productivity

Social media isn’t as easy as the industry proclaims. It’s more than just good content. To be effective in the social media game for your clients, your digital marketing agency needs to note, and implement, these social media marketing solutions and recommendations made by our social media experts at Globital Marketing. Why? Well, for one thing, you need to get results, and secondly, you need to need to boost productivity in your outsourced social media marketing team.

Has Your Agency Made Life Easier By Using Social Media Content Calendars?

These wonderful tools can be used to make a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly plan of action for your clients. A content calendar can store the media you wish you use as well as the idea or content. From there, presenting your plan to your clients as well as scheduling the posts is a breeze. These tools make for efficient time savers and planners.

Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Outsourcing?

If your digital marketing agency, and social media team, are drowning under all the content requirements, it’s time to outsource. Yes, that’s right! Outsourcing and partnering with a white label agency, which has a plethora of writers under its capability belt, will mean triple the social media content produced at half the time – and double the quality.

Are Your Processes In Place To Boost Social Media Productivity?

You can have the best writers and social media planners in your team, but if your processes and workflow systems aren’t in place, expect to be on the lower end of the productivity scale. As Social Sprout rightly puts it, “Processes can be used to document tasks involved in publishing blog posts, creating tweets and Facebook posts, preparing images for different platforms, and many more.”

Is Your Agency Making The Most Of Social Media Project Management Tools?

According to Social Sprout, producing quality content on social media has a lot to do with being efficient and organizing your work. Using project management tools like Trello is a great way to collect content ideas and improve your digital clients’ social media productivity.

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