Boring, Repetitive & Time Consuming Admin Tasks Are Eating Into Your Agency's Profits

The Right Virtual Assistant Can Unlock Your Agency's Most important Two Values: Time & Money

As a wholesaler to small to medium business all over the country, Globital knows firsthand all about the challenges being faced by agencies like yours as well as your clientele. We know that of all the business challenges you face, not having enough time to get everything done each day is the biggest.

This is why we have developed a Virtual Assistant (VA) service to help you and your clients build and grow your businesses without the costs and risks involved in hiring an expensive local assistant who you have to train and manage in your offices. We offer you access to a VA and all you have to pay is our usual wholesale rates, whether you need one for yourself or want to source one for a client.

There are many legalities involved with hiring someone locally that you will need to deal with if you want to get a personal assistant for your business, and you would also need to provide them with an office to work in and equipment to work with. Outsourcing it to a VA on the other hand is more efficient and affordable.

Our White Label VA team can do any repetitive administrative task excellently and most can offer the usual secretarial services required by a business such as transcription, answering emails, managing a calendar and more. If you or your client are looking for a Virtual Assistant who can perform a certain service that is not listed below, let us know so that we can attempt to source one for you at wholesale rates. Outsource VA now, save time and money.

OUR White Label VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS CAN HELP YOU In Your Agency Or Your Clients In their business With The Following Admin Tasks












With a white label virtual assistant you have the ability to not only manage a vast selection of tasks, but also make sure that no element is missed or misplaced along the way. With modern techniques to maintain performance you can greatly improve the efficiency of your client work. 

With our team as a tool or resource to make use of you can boost the level of skills and abilities your business can offer to your clients. With our services you can focus on the most important aspects of your work while we take the heavy workload or backlog off your hands. Hire VA now to save your time and money.

Outsource Virtual Assistant for your clients now. This is an effective way to gain the full services of a digital system that can guide towards efficiency. When you have white label services you can take on far more work than your team size may allow for, without having to take on heavy expenses of standard outsourcing. This gives you access to expert skill sets when you need them, to ensure you can manage any load. With the ability to focus on the most important aspects of your work ensures you can produce a far better business offering. 

Outsourced VAs are a great way to save money and time. With a white label virtual assistant you can ensure you will always be able to provide the best possible quality work to your clients at all times. Our team of experts at the ready to assist you. We can make sure you have a reliable and resourceful team on your hands. Hire VA now and start scaling your agency or business. Try our White Label Virtual Assistant Reseller Program now.

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It's given us a reliable and professional team who can deliver quality"

Simon Cook

Working with the team at Globital has definitely helped us scale our business. It's given us a reliable and professional team who can deliver quality campaigns, provide detailed reporting, they're responsive to our needs and most importantly, they get results.

Simon Cook