People are talking about your brand – but do you know what they’re saying?


Right now, a conversation is being had about your brand, and you may not even know what’s being said. For busy companies trying to manage a host of other factors such as employees, paperwork and deadlines (and all the other day-to-day realities of keeping a business afloat), being able to pay your online reputation the time and attention it deserves – and reaping the benefits – seems almost impossible.

Consider these statistics – according to professional social media software providers, Facebook desktop ads have 8.1 times higher click-through rates than normal web ads. It’s no surprise then that in the third quarter of 2015, Facebook brought in $4.3 billion in advertising revenue. Not only is the conversation about your brand occurring on social media – but people are buying into your brand on these platforms as well.

SEO Resellers USA was created to help companies reap all the benefits of Outsource Social Media Marketing –amongst other things – without having to deal with the prohibitively high cost of managing and integrating it. Our services which include SEO copywriting, digital marketing maintenance and Social Media campaign monitoring and advertising are created to integrate into your existing efforts, or, if you wish, to provide an end-to-end solution. These services are completely transparent, offering you control in managing your online presence.

It is getting more and more difficult for businesses to control what people are saying about them without using social media, and these platforms also affect online search rankings. The invisible algorithms that control many of the world’s most powerful search engines are constantly being updated in order to give the user what they are searching for, faster. They do not take into consideration what benefits your company personally, and therefore it is up to you to ensure that your company’s online presence is noticed – and for all the right reasons.

The success that comes from using our Social Media Reseller Program, doesn’t just put your organisation on the map digitally, it can also (if harnessed correctly) have a real financial benefit for your bottom line. To get started on this path to success, why not contact us today?

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