Planning On Running an SEO Campaign? Here Are Two Targets You Should Be Measuring.

There’s no denying that SEO is a worthwhile activity for any website, but it’s still feared and misunderstood by many. As Wholesale SEO, digital marketing resellers, one of the most common complaints that SEO Resellers USA hears from agencies is that they run into opposition when recommending a digital marketing service like SEO to their clients. They tell us that the client thinks that they’re essentially paying for something intangible that doesn’t produce an immediate result.

This fear is understandable, as, unlike other digital marketing activities, SEO takes time and patience, occurs mostly behind the scenes and is rarely visible to the untrained eye.

When dealing with these clients, you need to be able to show them the value of white label SEO by selecting targets more likely to yield results. Here are two to start you off:

  • TARGET AUDIENCE – We aren’t talking about just demographics, but rather your desired audience’s online behaviour. It’s narrowing down a demographic group by choosing a segment more likely to respond to a campaign. For example, if women are most likely to buy your product, how can you narrow it down further? Is there a segment of this group who prefer shopping online, such as working mothers?

Targeting a niche (using more specific keywords) equals less competition and lower costs. For a smaller business competing in a competitive market, this makes all the difference to an SEO campaign’s success.

  • CONVERSION RATE – an SEO campaign that brings 1000 people to a website means nothing if all those visitors leave without converting (making a purchase, completing a form or any other desired behaviour). Set targeted goals in terms of conversions and you’ll even be able to make changes during the campaign should you find you aren’t reaching them.

Knowing what kind of results you want to see and how quickly you want to get those results is instrumental in the success of a campaign, where you are dealing with a budget that needs to last for X amount of time and that requires short term results.

SEO Resellers USA wants you to benefit from offering SEO and knowing which targets to measure. If you do, we’re certain that soon you’ll find that these targets result in ensuring our white label wholesale SEO lands in the correct place and produces the kind of results that your clients want to see.

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