Improve Your Service Offering By Providing Site Speed Optimisation To Your Clients. See Their ROI Skyrocket

Many digital marketers offer clients wholesale SEO services or outsourced copywriting, which is only a fraction of what is needed to generate leads, engage with customers and build their brand reputation.

Research by Thrive Analytics affirms this by revealing that almost 50% of American small businesses plan on increasing their digital marketing budget in 2017 to do so. This fact gives agencies a chance to supplement their current offering that they’re providing to their clients with value-added services. And we recommend that you start with Site Speed Optimisation (SSO).

As digital marketing resellers, we know wholesale web design or outsourced SEO services aren’t enough in isolation. A mere one-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions on a client’s website. The site could have been built by the best web developers and web designers in the world, contain compelling copywriting and be optimised for up to date SEO principles – but if there’s even a slight delay, customers will walk away, potentially never to return.

There are many factors that could be responsible for slow loading times, ranging from image optimisation and compression to browser caching. Thankfully SSO can offer an almost instant improvement and result on this, and it’s a straightforward process to execute provided you know what you’re doing.

Often clients have had their current websites built a long time ago and have not benefitted from the ongoing maintenance work required to keep it functioning optimally. Most businesses don’t think about the day to day management of a website when they have one built, and so when time passes the website can start to lose speed because there’s nobody around to maintain it and keep its speed up to scratch.

But not everybody neglects their website. Some are actively involved as often as they can spare the time, updating the content and even employing the help of a professional SEO service. Now if you’re that service provider and you have clients banging down your door asking you what else they can do to improve the performance of their websites, you now have the answer to that question: SSO.

By offering new and existing clients the chance to instantly improve their website’s speed, you can give them an immediate traffic boost that will supplement the existing SEO, copywriting and social media management efforts you are making on their behalf. And as a client of SEO Resellers USA, all you need to do to offer them this is to visit your portal and load up a job!


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