The Gold Checkmark: Another New Feature On Twitter

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If you’re a digital marketing agency or social media management reseller, you’ve likely heard about Twitter’s latest feature: the gold checkmark. This coveted symbol is designed to help businesses establish credibility and authenticity on the platform.

But what does it really offer, and is it worth the steep price tag? 

What is the Twitter Gold Checkmark?

The gold checkmark is a symbol that denotes an account as an official business account through Twitter Verified Organizations. Its goal is to help brands establish credibility and authenticity on the platform and help users to identify legitimate and trustworthy accounts.

How much does it cost?

Twitter is reportedly considering a $1,000 monthly fee for businesses to get the gold checkmark. In addition, companies can verify their staff by adding the official brand logo marker for an extra $50 per employee.

Is it worth it for your agency or your clients?

While the gold checkmark may seem appealing, it’s important to consider its true value. The feature provides a checkmark and better support from the app, but actually offers little else in return for the steep cost at this stage.

Some experts argue that the value of verification ticks comes from exclusivity. Since not everyone can get one, it is a symbol of trust and legitimacy. However, with Twitter now offering the gold checkmark to anyone willing to pay, it’s uncertain whether the feature will remain valuable in the long run.

Furthermore, the $1,000 monthly fee may be prohibitive for smaller businesses and digital resellers with tighter budgets. Even for larger agencies, the return on investment in terms of brand recognition and trust may not be significant enough to justify the cost.

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At the end of the day, building strong relationships with clients and providing high-quality social media management services should be the priority, rather than relying solely on a checkmark to establish credibility.

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