The Rise Of BeReal In The US And Why Marketers Should Keep It On Their Radar In 2023

A new app is on the market and skyrocketing in popularity: BeReal! If you have not heard of it, we are about to explain the ins and outs of the app and how agencies and marketers can benefit by leveraging the platform.

If this sounds daunting, a social media management reseller could assist you with this process. Let us take a closer look at what BeReal is all about below. 

What Is BeReal? 

BeReal is a social media app aiming to bring authenticity back to sharing content on social media. We all know that Instagram is riddled with filters and mountains of photo editing, making it easy for users to fix their self-perceived flaws. However, with BeReal, none of that exists. There are no followers and no preparation. 

The app prompts users with a notification at a random time of day to let them know that it is time to BeReal. Users then have 2 minutes to use the app to capture whatever they are doing at that moment. The app records a front and back shot, showing the realness of the user’s situation. Cleverly, the app clocks if you only post a picture later in the day, showing your friends that you waited and were not truly real. No fun in that! 

Unique Features

There are a few unique features to take note of on the BeReal app: 


  1. Duel camera mode: The app simultaneously activates the front and back camera, allowing the user to snap a selfie and a picture of their surroundings in one action.
  2. Memories: Users’ BeReal posts are removed from the timeline and stored in memories, only visible to the user who took them.
  3. Realmojies: These are reactions to friends’ posts consisting of recreating popular emojis with a selfie.  
  4. Discovery: Users can make their posts public and available in the discovery section or just viewable by friends.  
  5. Random notifications: Arguably the most noteworthy feature, the random notification prompts the user at any time of day to take their unfiltered, unprepared selfie. 
  6. Zero Followers: Unlike other apps, you cannot have followers on BeReal, only friends.  

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How Marketers Could Leverage BeReal Influencers

Marketers can harness BeReal by building community among Gen Zs, offering them incentives to post on BeReal a certain amount of times with the branding or products visible. Doing this is a form of user-generated content (UGC), a highly effective form of social proof. As long as marketers understand the backbone of the app ‒ the call to be real and not curate content ‒ the app can be a highly effective platform to leverage. 

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