There Are Tips And There Is Practical Application: A Case Study On How We Assisted A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital marketing agency owner, you continue to search for ways to improve your agency; you continue to look up new steps to take to increase clients, and you continue to search for the perfect white label marketing agency to partner with that will effectively take on your new client demands and deliver results. However, in your hunt for all this, how do you choose between the plethora of options found online?

How do you know that the white label agency you pick will actually render the results you want? Well, through reading up on their practical application and previous work with other agencies. In short, with a case study as set out below.

Globital USA Case Study: Digital Marketing Agency Seeks SEO Support

As experts in SEO and content, our white label agency partnered with a US digital marketing agency that sought SEO expertise. We performed SEO keyword research as well as content optimization to not only optimize their website but product page listings through shoppable content. Furthermore, we provide keyword research, SEO content creation, and copywriting.


  • Improved client website page rankings
  • Significantly increased online sales
  • Streamlined their SEO production workflow and content creation, providing them with more time to focus on our projects

Accounting Firm Seeks Multi-Faceted Outcomes And Enhanced Conversions

While we have seen huge leaps in organic web traffic and conversions for our clients, this client, in particular, sought to establish themselves as a thought-leader within a very specific niche and particular automated space. Our white-label agency created a specific SEO strategy and holistic content that worked in parallel to create great results. In addition, we audited their website, optimized their SEO and content marketing, and conducted SEO keyword research. Not forgetting our SEO link building and automation efforts to support their enhanced content, news articles, and targeted subject matter.


  • A significant jump in search traffic over one year
  • More than 50% increase in qualified leads from organic search
  • More than 50% increase in Google rant
  • Completed more than four online articles per month and significantly improved their thought-leadership positioning
  • Streamlined and optimized their content and the process therein

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