Tools And Tech Digital Marketing Agencies Can Add In Their Client’s Website

Technical standards in terms of marketing and websites have never been as high as they currently are. As a white label digital marketing agency, your number one priority is to ensure that your client’s website meets the expectations of their site users and achieves enhanced engagement, conversions and sales.

At Globital, we encourage you to add the appropriate innovative tools and tech to your client’s online platforms to ensure that they are meeting expected standards and that you can deliver on your marketing promises because of it.

Digital Technology Standards Your Clients Cannot Go Without

Before we look at the support structures that you need to put in place, let’s go over the expectations of your client’s website users. In 2021, it is expected that their website will offer:

  • User-friendly experiences>
  • Easy to navigate layouts
  • Fast download and upload speeds
  • Advanced site security
  • eCommerce capability
  • Interactive and intuitive interface experiences
  • Superior user journey that is both immersive and useful

How You Can Achieve These Benchmarks With Tech And Tools

The exciting tools available to your agency and your clients are indicative of the new era of digital engagement. We see storytelling and brand engagement through visual web experiences, parallax scroll animations, geometric grids and even custom cursors – all of these elements push the standards of personalisation and individual content curation even higher. This is what your clients need to be offering!

Whether you design augmented reality (AR) or multimedia experiences for their clients or dive deeper into the use of a CMS (Content Management System) to create repeatable layouts and visual collections for them, there really is no such thing as content and websites that are too engaging. The longer users stay on your client’s website, the better the chances of engagement, conversion, and retention will be.

Make Sure You Choose A Market-Leading Digital Partner

With so many considerations and technical implementations becoming standard practice, it helps to have a service provider that knows their way around a website. More than this, Globital is an award-winning and accredited wholesale digital marketing agency that consistently creates value in terms of scale potential, connectivity, and other technological advancements for digital agencies and their clients. Email us at


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