How To Use Social Media Analytics To Keep Your Client’s Customers Satisfied

In order to retain good clients, you need to dedicate yourself to keeping them satisfied. Of course, it’s easier said than done. As a digital agency using SEO Resellers USA’s content writing, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), Outsourced PPC management and SEO services you’re targeting customers on behalf of clients that you’ll never meet face-to-face. This means that their behaviour and actions will be a mystery to you. So how can you help your own clients keep their customers satisfied using white label social media marketing and management? By using the analytics information available to you to do so!

Recent research by American Data Analytics Solution Provider Quantzig into social data, web and social media analytics reveals that businesses who use data are more likely to keep existing customers and also have better customer loyalty and brand recognition outcomes. It’s a situation where both parties win as customers remain content and businesses get to cut down on the cost of targeting and reaching new clients (which is costlier than maintaining existing ones).

The wealth of data available from social media analytics can seem overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with it. The key is to ask the right questions and to see if you can detect any patterns that can be used to improve customer satisfaction at one or more points of contact. You can start by looking for standard metrics such as keyword, brand or product mentions. Then you can go one step further and look at responses by users, interactions with mobile devices, post impressions and even how your audience is distributed. This will help you to identify what existing customers value as well as specifics on how you can create this value for them with our white label, wholesale digital marketing.

Once you have this data, you need to make use of it one way or another. It doesn’t always have to involve an expensive or complicated social media campaign. It might just mean tweaking an existing one slightly so that it accounts for the wants and needs of your existing customers as well as any new ones.

Our Outsourced Social Media Team is an expert at analysing and interpreting social media analytics and data. If you’re looking for social media management services that integrate effective analytics, that you can, in turn, outsource to your clients, we’re happy to help.



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