“We Need This Tomorrow” ‒ Successfully Delivering On Rush Orders

Handling rush orders can be a challenge, but it’s a challenge worth mastering. Clients often find themselves in situations where they urgently need you to meet tight deadlines. If you can meet their expectations by using a sustainable system, such as trusting our social media outsourcing team or white label digital marketing providers, you will not only impress your client but do so without burning out.

To help you navigate these situations effectively, here are 4 key strategies to ensure you successfully deliver on priority orders:

1.  Be Honest

The foundation of any successful rush order is honesty. As a digital marketing agency owner, it’s essential to be transparent with your clients about what can and cannot be achieved within the given timeframe. Before accepting a rush order, assess your team’s capacity and availability. 

It’s better to be forthright with your client about any potential limitations or compromises that might be necessary to meet the deadline. By setting realistic expectations from the beginning, you build trust and credibility with your clients, which is crucial in maintaining long-term relationships.

2.  Manage Expectations

When dealing with rush orders, it’s essential to set clear expectations regarding rush fees, timelines, and approval processes. Be upfront about additional fees for expedited services, and make sure your client understands any other costs involved. Establish a well-defined timeline that outlines key milestones and deadlines for both your team and the client. 


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3.  Charge A Priority Fee

One way to manage rush orders effectively is by implementing a priority fee. This fee helps compensate for the increased workload, overtime, and resources required to expedite the project. 

Clients who truly need the rush service are usually willing to pay extra for it. By charging a priority fee, you not only ensure that your agency remains profitable but also encourage clients to only request rush orders when absolutely necessary.

4.  Add About 24 Hours To The Deadline

When it comes to handling rush orders, padding the timeline can be a lifesaver. By adding approximately 24 hours to the client’s requested deadline, you create a buffer for unforeseen circumstances, revisions, and clarifications. This additional time allows you to maintain professionalism, deliver quality work, and avoid the stress associated with last-minute changes.

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Beyond handling priority orders well, there are loads of other things successful digital agencies do! Steven Slotow (our CRO) discusses what makes a successful digital agency successful in this interview with Jay Jaye.

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