What Is Performance Max, And Why Should You Consider Using It?

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Google is constantly bringing out new tools and features that Google Ads resellers find indispensable to their client’s campaigns. One of Google’s tools, Performance Max, can be a powerful component of your clients’ Google Ads campaigns. Performance Max campaigns offer a host of benefits and can help your digital agency better achieve marketing goals.

What Is Performance Max?

Performance Max is a new kind of campaign that is goal-based and gives performance advertisers access to the entirety of their Google Ads inventory with just a single campaign. It works in conjunction with keyword-based search campaigns and helps to find more customers who will convert across all of Google’s channels. These channels include:

  • Gmail
  • Google Display
  • Google Discover
  • Google Maps
  • Youtube
  • And more

With Performance Max campaigns, all of the manual work such as targeting, bidding, and ad copy previously carried out by marketers are fully automated. By optimizing performance in real-time and across multiple channels using Smart Bidding, Performance Max helps to deliver more conversions and value by assisting with driving performance based on unique conversion goals.

Performance Max campaigns use both automation and machine learning to help achieve conversion goals by servicing audiences through the delivery of relevant ads with an optimal bid, maximizing campaign performance. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Performance Max?

  • With Performance Max, you can focus on marketing goals for maximizing campaign performance. Machine learning is used to locate your client’s customers anywhere within Google’s property based on your marketing goals.
  • Performance Max helps boost the performance of tools such as Google Ads, using the best machine learning and attribution technology. This helps you find the right customer in the right place at the right time and deliver the right ad to them.
  • Performance Max allows you to steer automation thanks to Audience Signals which helps deliver exceptional results quickly.
  • Because Performance Max automates much of the work that goes into advertising, marketers have more free time to focus on creating impactful strategies.
  • By combining a real-time understanding of customer intent and preferences from Google as well as input from your digital agency, Performance Max allows you to access more converting customers that you may not have previously known about.
  • Performance Max offers important insights to help optimize campaigns for your clients and create an effective strategy to work from.

When Is Performance Max Useful?

It is best to use Performance Max in many different scenarios, including:

  • Your digital agency is looking to achieve more conversion value and reach than before.
  • Your clients are not limited in terms of which channel the ads appear on, and they want to maximize the campaign’s performance.
  • You have identified clear goals for conversion and advertising, such as generating leads or driving sales. 
  • You want to create a single campaign that can be accessed by all of Google’s advertising channels.

Performance Max Campaign Features

Performance Max offers a number of features that help achieve campaign performance goals, including:

Asset Groups: Create Asset Groups that group together assets with similar themes or target audiences with the ability to create multiple asset groups for each campaign

Audience Signals: Google can use Audience Signals to determine users with higher conversion potential

Reporting and Insights: Access reports that explain what the machine learning is doing, what signals it is using, and provide a breakdown of performance.

URL Expansion: Machine learning determines which landing page is the best fit for your goal using the default URL Expansion feature.

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