When To Say No To A Client As A Digital Marketing Agency

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Even if it is your goal to be a customer-centric digital agency, you will need to say no to a client at some point. Whether it’s because you lack the resources, time, or technical skills to meet a client’s need or because the client in question is not a good fit for your agency, rejecting a request will be something you will need to navigate with grace and professionalism. 

As the provider of the best white label reseller programs for digital agencies, we have some helpful pointers that will assist you in noticing when a “no” is necessary, as well as how to go about saying it in the best way.

The Scope 

Clients will always ask for more than was quoted for or agreed to. Sometimes this is because they didn’t know they’d need it, but now they do, and sometimes it’s because they’re simply testing your boundaries. If a client’s request goes above and beyond the agreed scope and you lack the time to see to the need, politely remind them about the original scope and perhaps refer them to a partner agency. 

Will It Add Value? 

Sometimes, clients will ask for additional services, edits, or deliverables that will not necessarily add value to their marketing or branding strategy. As a professional, part of your job is to educate your clients on the need, or lack thereof, for certain services. If a requested service or addition will not add meaningful value to your client’s business, offer better mechanisms and solutions that your client’s investment will be better spent on. If they are still adamant, it may be time to say “no” politely.

Are They A Dream Client? 

Another litmus test that you can use when measuring whether or not to say no to a client’s request is to determine if they are a client worth keeping. Do they fit with your ideal client avatar and niche? If you have extensive experience serving their exact needs with a proven track record of results, you can feel confident in agreeing to take care of their needs. If not, a “no” may be in order. 

The Digital Agency Success Toolkit

Mastering the art of knowing when to say “no” to a client is one of the many things that will set your agency up for success. Learn other valuable tools that will help you up-level your digital agency with our valuable toolkit.


Be Polite But Firm 

If you come to the conclusion that saying “no” to a client’s request is best for not only your agency but for your customer and their business, be sure to do so in a way that leaves room to work with them in the future. When saying “no,”  explain why your expertise or resources are not suited to the task and then mention what you can help them with.

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