Why Consistency Is Guaranteed To Improve Your Client’s Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Most businesses know that they need a social media marketing profile, but don’t plan or research what platforms to use, how often to post and what to post. As a result, they have wildly different accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that are maintained at different times by different people and are disconnected with the business itself. With little communication or consistency between each platform, a complaint or compliment on one channel rarely reaches the other. This ends up driving customers away in frustration and at the same time driving the poor digital marketing agency (i.e. you) tasked with managing this mess a bit mad too. This is also the opposite of what you want your client’s social media marketing to do. So how can you prevent this problem and cultivate consistency?


Imagine that you have an unpleasant experience with a brand via their website or face to face. You look them up on social media and send them a Facebook message with details of your problem and they have no idea what you’re talking about, so they tell you to send the business an email directly. You do this and are presented with another person, forcing you to recount the entire experience from the beginning. Would you want to use this brand again, even if they resolved your problem?

On the other hand, imagine if you sent a single message to the business via social media and the social media team knew about the in-store problem you experienced. Now imagine that someone from the business directly followed up with you to resolve the problem without any repetition or multiple communications channels needed. Wouldn’t you prefer to use the business again, knowing that any problem or query you have would be directly taken care of?


To prevent your client’s business from encountering the above issues, you need to start by properly planning your client’s entry into social media marketing. You need to select the platforms best suited to their brand and target audience and generate a content strategy and communications protocol to make sure that all interactions are recorded and monitored for analytics purposes. Most importantly, you need to devote your full attention to it. Yes, it’s challenging to run multiple social media accounts for many brands at the same, but it’s worth getting right because the positive impact that a great social media campaign can have on a brand is almost immeasurable.

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