Why your customers ignore you

“Dear valued customer…”
It’s amazing how just a few short words can immediately make you switch off. Admit it, whenever you receive a message that starts like that you either ignore or delete it. After all, it’s probably spam marketing or information on a sale that you aren’t interested in. It’s the kind of message hundreds of others will also get and delete. The minute it’s out of your inbox you’ll have forgotten all about it and moved on.

Everyday companies throw heaps of cash into creating marketing messages. These are messages that consumers will ignore. What do these messages have in common? They are all mass-produced and therefore completely impersonal. When your customer has a need, they have many companies to choose from – each promising that they can meet that need better than anyone else. So why would your customers choose one that doesn’t even address them by name?

We live in an age where we have more information about our clients than ever at our fingertips. We know what they like to buy, when they like to buy it and how. We know their first names, their marital status and their birthdays. However, we rarely use this information to our advantage when we address our customers. How much more likely are they to respond to a message that references them personally?

Personalisation doesn’t just apply when communicating with customers. It applies when interacting with clients as well, as recent research by Gallup reveals. Over 71 per cent of customers surveyed reported indifference to or disengagement with a business they used. Companies that reported high customer engagement scores had 50 per cent higher sales numbers than those with poor engagement scores.

Personalised advertising pays and brands have the information they need to do it. So why aren’t they doing it? Chances are they simply don’t know how or where to start. Luckily for them, there are companies out there that can step in and help. SEO Resellers USA knows how to use a brand’s marketing information to create personalised communications. For information on how to personalise advertising and reach more customers, contact them today.

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